Children and Youth Volunteers


Christians who are in places of responsibility in the church are required to be examples in faith, conduct, and business affairs. Maintaining a high standard of excellence is one of the best ways to present Christ to the people in our community. Therefore, the following qualifications will be required for any person applying for, or currently volunteering in, the Children's or Youth Ministry Department at rush church:

1. You must be in agreement with and in action to the 4 Core Values of rush church

Relate Unite Serve Honor

2. You must be loyal and respectful to the Pastors, directors, and leaders of rush church

3. You must complete the RUSH church Ministry Application

4. You must watch and complete the “Reducing the Risk” video training post

5. You must be committed & faithful to your assigned positions & responsibilities

6. You must be neat in your appearance and practice good hygiene

7. You must give a fourteen (14) day notice when resigning from your position

8. You must be humble and implement wise choices aligning with rush church policy and instruction

9. You must be diligent in your faith in Christ Jesus, and in your duty to reach others with the Gospel

10. A background check and screening must be done by rush church

All applications, follow-up reports, and interview records will be kept on file in the Children's Church office. Only the Children's Pastor and Lead Pastor will have access to this information. Ministry Directors will view this information only if required.

All volunteers, regardless of who they are and how long they have attended RUSH church, must follow the same procedures as listed above and be approved before they can begin ministering in the Children's or Youth Departments


This application is to be completed by all applicants for any volunteer position involving the supervision or custody of minors. It is being used to help the church provide a safe and secure environment for those children who participate in our programs and use our facilities.

Your contact info:

Please enter your full address:

If yes, rush church would like to be a help to you if you feel that hurt and pain are holding you back from ministering. We understand that this might be a very sensitive matter to and want to be a support to help you.

For the next questions:

If deemed necessary, you may write your explanation on paper and place it in a sealed envelope marked Attn: Pastor Jim or Pastor Jill.

The questions that you have answered are direct and personal. We understand this but we must ask to protect the children at Rush with our best effort. The truth is: evil exists and people have mishandle their responsibility to care for children. The Holy Spirit guides us to speak truthfully and helps us to become responsible leaders. We want the best for you and the children and feel that direct questions can help filter those that have not fully submitted under the authority and dicipline of Christ. Humility and the Fear of the Lord must rule in our lives as we submit to Christ. Answer truthfully!

Humility and the fear of the LORD bring wealth and honor and life. Proverbs 22:4

The Following 3 Personal References will be sent a email with the link to our website that will allow him/her to fill out the form online. No one will be able to view the information. The form will be reviewed by the Pastor then be sent to the Ministries Director.



  • List references who are qualified to speak of your spiritual experience, your character and/or your ability to work with children.
  • The person must not be your employee or your relative
  • The person must have persoanlly known you for over one year.

  • If you have a Pastor Reference - Please fill it in next

    If you do not have a church background - Please give us a third friend reference.


    The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.

    I authorize any references or churches listed in this application to give you any information they may have regarding my character or fitness for Children's Ministry. I release all such references from liability for any damage that may result from furnishing such evaluations to you, and I waive any right that I have to inspect the references provided on my behalf.

    Should my application be accepted, I agree to comply with the guidelines of a Children's Department Volunteer and the policies of rush church, and I will refrain from unscriptural conduct in the performance of my services on behalf of the church.

    I clearly understand that successfully completing a criminal history/background check is a requirement for becoming a Children's Department Volunteer and hereby certify that I have given rush church permission to obtain a copy of any arrest or conviction record pertaining to me. I agree to hold harmless rush church and any of its agents from any liability for processing and/or review of my criminal history.

    Success! Your Application has been submitted to the Ministries Director. We will be contacting you. Thank You